You might have sliced the head off a flopping fish, but could you kill an octopus by biting it between the eyes?

Survivalist Josh James, known as the Kiwi Bushman, demonstrated the gruesome technique during a diving trip and posted it on his YouTube channel.

The Kiwi version of Bear Grylls holds up the mollusc he has just caught, as its tentacles flay wildly around.

He then explains that they are "really good eating" but you have to freeze them to get the optimal texture before cooking.


"To kill them, you bite them right between the eyes," he said, before getting a good grip and chomping down into the octopus' head for about six seconds.

James then casually spits octopus flesh over the side of the boat before finishing his sentence with 'because that's where the brain is'.

"There you go, you see he was wiggling around before now he's dead as," he added.

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