A laser has been shone into the cockpits of several international flights approaching Auckland Airport this morning.

It comes just hours after a helicopter pilot complained a laser had also targeted it in the same area.

Police said a number of flight crews complained to police about a blinding laser being directed at the cockpits around 5.15am.

The laser appeared to come from the South Auckland suburb of Weymouth, on the southern edge of the Manukau Harbour.


A spokesman said police immediately sent patrols to the area but could not find anyone.

An Airways NZ spokeswoman said a helicopter pilot reported a laser at 9.42pm in the Weymouth area.

Last night two Air New Zealand pilots suffered headaches and had their vision temporarily obscured after a powerful green laser was pointed into the cockpit as they flew into into Wellington Airport about 8.10pm.

The Air New Zealand plane was flying from Hamilton and landed safely. It was targeted at about 3200m.

The laser light was believed to have originated from the Trentham area, south of Upper Hutt, near the motorway.

Police patrolled the area but could not find anyone.