Two people have been injured in a paragliding accident at Speargrass Flat, near Coronet Peak, this morning.

A freelance photographer at the scene said the reserve parachute had "definitely deployed".

"So something's happened that he's needed to deploy the reserve parachute,'' he said.

The people involved are a tourist and a guide from a commercial paragliding and hang-gliding company based in Queenstown.


Skytrek Tandem Hang Gliding and Paragliding said circumstances of the crash were not yet known, and that weather conditions were stable at the time.

"The pilot and passenger have landed on a slope on the side of Coronet Peak. It is approximately halfway between the take-off point at the Coronet Peak car park and the intended landing point at the Flight Park, off Malaghans Rd.

"The pilot and passenger are currently being assessed for injuries, which are believed to be minor to moderate. A rescue helicopter is on standby at the scene.

"The Civil Aviation Authority has been informed and the company is co-operating fully with relevant authorities and local police. The company has temporarily suspended its commercial operations."

The company said just before 6pm the passenger had been assessed at Lakes District Hospital and was later discharged.

The company pilot, however, will remain in hospital overnight for further observation and assessment.