Big Dyls (Dylan Cossey) from The Block NZ is selling himself for surf lessons, to raise money for a cause close to home.

When Foster Hope, a charity who make up backpacks for children when they are removed from their home into foster care, approached Mr Cossey he jumped at the chance to help.

"Foster Hope is a charity you don't hear a lot of about it. It rings really true to me, it just hits home because I've seen it first hand. To see where some of these kids come from, some from sexual abuse and mental, verbal and physical abuse."

Mr Cossey and his siblings grew up seeing foster children turning up to his house in the early hours of the morning, with rubbish bags holding their belongings.


He estimated his family had seen about 15 to 20 foster children come through their home.

"Some for just one night for a bit of respite, some for longer, one that I now class as my brother, another that I class as my sister.

"We had some kids from really bad places, but they were just awesome. My mum and dad just had loads of love to give, and the kids just wanted love and attention and to be fed," he said.

He remembered his mother waking him and his siblings up in the middle of the night when a child arrived, they would all have a Milo and chocolate fingers and he would then show them their Lego.

"That happened time and time again.

"These kids are scared."

The organisers of Foster Hope knew Mr Cossey was a keen surfer, so decided to auction a surfing lesson for six people, with the proceeds going to foster children.

"We'll get them out on a wave and have a bit of fun, and I'll do a BBQ after with some sausies and have a bit of yarn.


"It's to get people out and raise awareness, and give these kids a bit of a head start in life," Mr Cossey said.

He said Dyls Jr (Dylan Guitink) would come down too because the pair were "joined at the hip".

The boards and wetsuits would be supplied.

"Just bring yourself and a towel, but if you don't have one I've got lots of towels," he said.

Mr Cossey said he and Dyls Jr would be providing ongoing support for Foster Hope.

"Every little bit helps," he said.

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