The man at the centre of the chaotic fracas at Tuesday's Auckland University mayoral debate appears unrepentant after yelling "Allahu akbar" and "vote for me" as two candidates faced off.

Adam Holland of Auckland Legalise Cannabis posted the video of the meltdown on Facebook with the words:

"I'm the candidate wearing a Muslim kaftan yelling into the microphone.

"New Zealand debates are boring! this one was awesome.


"Had a lot of fun last night!"

David Hay, who had earlier announced his support for rival candidate Phil Goff, copped a barrage from fellow candidate Alezix Heneti at the end of the meeting.

In the video Heneti repeatedly shouts: "You pulled out. You don't deserve the right to be here," while Holland provides a running commentary of events, interspersed with cries of "Allahu Akbar!"

Holland told the Herald he had had "a few drinks" and thought joining in would be a good laugh.

He later defended his actions on Facebook, writing:

"I, Adam John Holland, in no way endorse or promote violence. I was incredibly drunk at the time and honestly, if the Auckland University Students Association (dropkicks), are offended - I don't care."

He also took the time to lay into fellow candidate Chloe Swarbrick, who is credited with making an effort to stop the fight:

"Chloe Swarbrick is a mess. She touched me many times during the debate out of anger, interrupted other candidates, was shrill, extremely argumentative with members of the audience and she had absolutely no business breaking up that 'fight'," he posted in reply to an article on the Daily Blog.

Swarbrick on Wednesday said she was pushed "two or three" times by Heneti during a "mini-explosion" at the debate.

She said she got off the stage when Heneti started yelling at Hay to get between them and try and calm everyone down. That was when she was unexpectedly pushed aside by Heneti.

"I wasn't going to respond physically," said Swarbrick, saying it was an unprecedented heated moment and she had no intention of laying a complaint.

"There wasn't any punches or any real physicality thrown around. It was more just loud," Swarbrick said.

In fact, she was more annoyed at Holland for turning up at the debate with a brown painted face, which fundamentally she had issues with.

The debate, organised by the students association and the Daily Blog, was touted as an "anti-debate" to give coverage to the "candidates the mainstream media ignore" and give them an "opportunity to explain their vision to university students".

Daily Blog founder Martyn "Bomber" Bradbury can be heard in the video saying "please tell me this is going out live. Please tell me this is ****ing going out live."