A hui has been called to discuss whether to bypass Te Tii Marae and host next year's pre-Waitangi Day powhiri at the Upper Treaty Grounds marae following the squabble over the Prime Minister's visit to Waitangi this year.

Pita Paraone, a member of the Waitangi Day organising committee, has called the hui for tomorrow to discuss next year's pre-Waitangi Day powhiri after the "shenanigans" this year which resulted in Prime Minister John Key's decision to avoid Waitangi.

One of the topics at the hui will be whether the pre-Waitangi Day powhiri should be held at Te Tii Marae, like it is annually, or if it should move to the marae at the Upper Treaty Grounds.

"I'm quite happy to see it remain at Te Tii but there has to be an assurance that we don't see a repeat of the shenanigans we saw this year. Last year the issue was the TPPA, this year it will be the issue of Treaty claims," Mr Paraone said.


The Government's support for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal triggered debate over whether or not Mr Key would be welcome at Te Tii Marae.

A gathering of Ngapuhi, held prior to Waitangi Day, voted 38-14 to ban him, however it was decided he would be welcome under the condition there is no political talk on the marae. In the end, Mr Key labelled the marae's organisation as "Mickey Mouse" and decided not to attend Waitangi at all.

"That's another problem, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing," said Mr Paraone.

Mr Paraone initially raised the idea in February after being approached by members of the public who suggested the upper marae would be better placed to host the annual pre-Waitangi Day powhiri for Crown officials.

"Just moving the event to the Treaty grounds is not the answer. We in Northland need to sit down and work out what is the purpose of the powhiri - it is to welcome visitors and celebrate or commemorate the signing of the Treaty."

Mr Paraone said he expected about 50 people to attend tomorrow's hui at Te Tii Marae.

"We want people to have a discussion before we decide to take it away from Te Tii. It doesn't matter where we have it there will always be people in the house who want to push their own agenda."