An investigation has been launched after footage emerged of speedboats motoring through a pod of dolphins on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.

A drone operator filmed the incident at Army Bay, north of Auckland, on Saturday, September 10, and has supplied the video to the Department of Conservation (DoC).

Now, DoC are asking for public help in tracking down the speedboat drivers.

"We want to talk to the people who drove the speedboats through the dolphins," DoC Auckland Marine Ranger Dr Krista Hupman said.


The boaters, or anyone who knows them, are asked to call the DoC hotline on 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468).

The incident has prompted DoC to remind all vessel operators that they must adhere to the conditions governing behaviour around marine mammals as listed in the Marine Mammals Protection Regulations.

It says that all boaties must ensure they travel no faster than 10 knots within 300m of any dolphins, orcas, whales, seals and sea lions.

"In addition, vessels must only approach whales and dolphins from behind and to the side, and must not obstruct the animals' path or cut through any group," Hupman said.

DoC encourages any member of the public that notices a marine mammal being harassed to contact them immediately on 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468).