A West Coast woman convicted of having sex with a 14-year-old boy and jailed for three years can now be named.

Caroline Anne McLenaghan, 33, had sought continued name suppression when she appeared before Judge Stephen O'Driscoll in the Greymouth District Court on Friday for sentencing.

However, Judge O'Driscoll said it was in the interests of deterrence that criminals should be named, instead granting her interim name suppression until 10am today to give her time following sentencing to inform affected parties.

The judge noted that the complainant in the case, now aged 18, did not have an opinion either way about McLenaghan's name suppression continuing.


All other details remain suppressed.

Judge O'Driscoll said the Crown was in favour of discontinuing name suppression.

There was "no doubt" publication would impact on other people known by McLenaghan but publication could act as a deterrent to offending.

"I don't think the publication of your name is likely to affect the victim. He has a different name and a significant amount of time has now passed."

Referring to a letter before him advocating for continued suppression, Judge O'Driscoll said "this is a small community" and it was likely people already knew about the details of the case.

"I would infer that many people in the community already know what has occurred and that you have been found guilty particularly as you have not been in the community for some time," Judge O'Driscoll said.

Name publication was part of the penalty for those who committed crime, the judge said.

- Greymouth Star