A council's efforts to increase safety on Joll Rd has backfired, and nine months out from the Lions tour, motels in Northland are already selling out. These are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

The council's effort to increase the safety of Joll Rd has backfired, with residents describing the islands as "concrete coffins".

Nine months out from the British and Irish Lions tour, no vacancy signs are already up in hotels around Whangarei.

A new supermarket on Rotorua's eastside, FreshChoice, is expected to create 35 jobs.


Authorities say a dog responsible for mauling a young fur seal to death on Pukehina Beach "refused to let go" of the terrified animal when beach goers tried to intervene.

The St Hill St-Ingestre St intersection, one of Whanganui's more notorious intersections, will receive an upgrade in the next financial year.