A Givealittle page to raise $1 million for David Bain is floundering.

The page, started in January by Wellington drug and alcohol counsellor Roger Brooking, initially wanted to raise $1m for Bain.

"My expectations at the start were a bit high, as in the past opinion polls indicated 60-70 per cent of people said he should have got compensation," he said.

The donations are currently sitting at $11,730.


Brooking said people may have been more "forthcoming" had the Government not paid Bain $925,000 in compensation.

In May 1995, Bain was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

In 2007, his legal team successfully appealed to the Privy Council, which declared there had been a 'substantial miscarriage of justice'.

He was released on bail in May 2007 and a retrial in June 2009 ended with his acquittal on all charges.

While Bain did not have anything to do with the setup of the page, he has been in touch with Brooking to express his gratitude to him.

"Thank you so very much for all the work you have done . . . If there is some way to pass on my gratitude to the contributors, I would appreciate your help in this.

Please be assured that my wife and I will make good use of the gift to make a better life for our wee family," Bain said in an email to Brooking.

The page will finish up in January 2017 and all the money will be transferred into Bain's bank account. Mr Bain lives in Christchurch with his wife Liz. They recently had a child.

- Christchurch Star