A bit of good news brought Rachel Burt to tears this week.

It was just what she needed after a particularly tough time.

She was ill for 10 days during the gastro outbreak, had four days off work, one trip in an ambulance, two hospital visits and three GP visits.

The Burt family were given a much-needed Napier relief and relaxation package.

We just wanted to give one family a well-deserved break.


Mrs Burt was shocked at the news. She knew the family had been nominated but never thought they would be chosen.

"We had our birthdays during the gastro outbreak and we were talking about planning a trip away so the timing could not be better," she said.

She said the water contamination had been a horrible experience with their 1-year-old daughter, Elliot, hospitalised.

"For 16 days she was sick and my husband is a policeman in Wairoa, so it was very stressful."

The package offers the family a weekend getaway staying in the penthouse suite at The Dome in Napier, a voucher for cocktails at Monica Loves, dinner at Mexi Mama and a pamper hair treatment at Vertu.

The Napier City Council also put forward passes to the Aquarium, Par 2 MiniGolf and the MTG in Napier.

Manager of The Dome in Napier, Ailne Bradley said she organised the package to offer some neighbourly support after the gastro crisis rocked Havelock North.

"While we could not help everyone we just wanted to give one family a well-deserved break and show that we cared."

Mrs Burt was excited to be in the penthouse suite "as those people with children know how messy the house gets".

She also said she could not wait to take Elliot to the aquarium and have cocktails with her husband at Monica Loves.

"It is going to be some serious family time and we will focus on Elliot."

They were going to use the package in the next few weeks when Elliot has her birthday.

"It is a much-needed weekend for our family and I cannot thank everyone enough for nominating us."

Ms Bradley and Havelock North Business Association president, Sam Jackman surprised Mrs Burt with the news this week.

"When we turned up she had no idea who we were and when we told her the news she just grabbed her daughter and burst into tears," Ms Bradley said.

"It was amazing to see, she was beside herself with joy and emotion."

Mr Jackman said they were happy to be able to help.

"She was such a deserving woman who had been through hell basically."