It's a steep, narrow street in the nation's capital but its hairpin entrance keeps catching out unwitting bus and truck drivers.

The corner of Wellington's Fortunatus and Mana Sts is proving a graveyard for inexperienced drivers who come unstuck navigating the Vogeltown route.

According to neighbours, at least two vehicles a year misjudge the sharp bend and find themselves wedged on the unforgiving hairpin.

One resident near the troublesome corner said drivers of large articulated vehicles often tried to take the bend directly as they turned into the street, and would get stuck.


"They get caught out by the pitch of the road and need to be pulled out."

Delivery vehicles and rubbish trucks experienced few problems. Those who appeared to be caught out were drivers not familiar with the area.

"They need to put up a sign to say it's not suitable for long vehicles," said the exasperated neighbour.

Yesterday, about 20 cars were held up while mechanics took two hours to clear a bus from the street's entrance.

Photos posted on Vic Deal's Facebook page revealed more examples of trucks and buses that had encountered problems turning the corner.

At least one bus and large truck had jammed in the past year alone.

Many people who commented were baffled buses kept trying to drive up the hill road despite it being a well-known trouble spot.

"I can't understand why any bus would be travelling to Brooklyn/Kingston/Mornington area via Vogeltown. It makes no sense, plus the corners leading up to this corner are nearly as bad as this one so it is baffling that bus drivers continue on," posted Mark Davidson.


One person believed drivers were probably relying on GPS navigation and blindly following directions.

Poster Mickey Rasool, who was caught up in yesterday's jam, claimed he was rushing to the birth of his first child at the time.

But he later posted on his Facebook page: "Shout outs to Dom post for believing Mickey rasool's pregnant, blind and def girlfriend named Shiekh yaBooty almost gave birth. Shows they would do anything for a good story nowadays."

Another poster Rehmeen Fatima Rasool commented underneath the story: "This is legit the second time you've fooled a person so badly."

Attempts to reach Rasool were unsuccessful.