An Auckland community group member is being investigated for alleged sexual assaults on two people, one of whom is a child.

Detective Sergeant Scott Armstrong of Waitemata police confirmed to the Herald that police were investigating two complaints in relation to alleged assaults at the North Shore club.

The manager of the club, which the Herald has chosen not to name, said the alleged offender was stood down four months ago, for a period of three months, after drinking inappropriately.

"His behaviour wasn't up to standard.


"We're here to provide a place where people can sit down and relax enjoy themselves without the danger of a drunk leaning over them or whatever."

The man was currently entitled back to the club but hasn't yet returned, the manager said. If he was charged and convicted following the police investigation, his membership would be revoked.

"If he is convicted of anything ... we don't allow their membership to carry on bringing the club into disrepute."

The manager said there had been a complaint of assault against the man a year ago, but there was no evidence so the club let it go. It is unclear if this is one of the two assaults police are investigating.

The alleged offender is understood to be an elderly man who joined the club when his wife died five years ago.