An Aucklander is hoping love isn't lost forever.

A man, who wishes to remain anonymous, found a small silver "dainty ring" in a carpark near George St on the south side of Auckland Domain on August 30.

It is engraved with "EY ♥ HS" on the inside of the band and measures 18mm on the inside.

The man, who can just fit it on his pinky, thinks the ring has been driven over.


"It's cool though.

"It's not munted. It's just gotten a couple chips and dents in it.

"If it was mine I'd want it back regardless.

"I'm sure EY will really want HS to have the ring."

The man would like to get the ring back to its owner.

"It's clearly a special ring, it's metal, it's engraved and it's got a little bit of sentimental value I'm sure."

If you recognise the ring contact