Power has been restored to most of Vector's northern network after weather chaos struck overnight - but some homes may still be without hot water.

Wind gusts reached hurricane force in some areas overnight, downing power lines and causing major outages.

Trees hit houses and blocked roads, and an unruly trampoline flew from one backyard to another.

A Vector spokeswoman said power had been restored after crews worked tirelessly overnight Friday and throughout Saturday.


"Crews have worked throughout the weekend to repair damage to the network following gale force winds.

"Power has now been fully restored to the backbone of the network, however there may still be some small pockets without power due to damaged service lines - the connection between the property and the electricity network.

"Some properties may still be without hot water as parts of our hot water system on the northern network have been damaged.

"All efforts will be made to restore the hot water as soon as possible but some areas may be without hot water over the rest of the weekend."

If you don't have hot water or power please call Vector 0508 832 867 to log a call.