Police urge young drivers to stick to their licence conditions after a 19-year-old learner driver was snapped in Napier for speeding.

The teenager was found to be in breach of his licence conditions as he had passengers in the car and was also processed for drink driving. His licence was suspended for 28 days and he will also be appearing in court.

Eastern District Road Policing Manager Matt Broderick says licence conditions for learner and restricted drivers are there for a reason.

"Major contributors to serious and fatal crashes in the region are young drivers, alcohol and speed. In this situation all three factors were present.


"It is a concern that we have young drivers on the road displaying such reckless driving behaviour because such actions put all road users at risk.

"Any breach of licence conditions is a concern and can have tragic consequences."

Broderick said family and the community have a responsibility to emphasise the importance of sticking to the licence conditions.

"If you know of a young driver on a restricted or learners licence please don't encourage or support them in breaching their conditions."