Two people have been arrested after an early morning, near 90-minute, police pursuit around the streets of Hamilton.

Waikato police Senior Sergeant Dean Anderson said the pursuit remained on the eastern side of the city, beginning in Insoll Ave at 3am.

The vehicle then drove through a number of the city's streets and even out to Gordonton before coming back into town again.

The vehicle was eventually brought to a stop when road spikes were laid on Wairere Drive at 4.20am.


The two occupants were arrested and taken into custody.

Residents who heard and saw the chase were commenting on Facebook as the sirens were blasting around the city, claiming it was not only loud but also a slow pursuit.

"They just went past my house," one resident posted. "Slowly. I'm in chartwell on Hukanui Rd. 3 cop cars following a bronco with blown out tyres! ..Going slow enough for 2 of the cars to drive around n block him off. I think they r waiting till he not in a residential area? Driver in a white hood ... Couldn't believe how slow they were going with 3 cops sirens blasting."

Another replied, "OMG over kill aye. Could have stopped it ages ago."

Another seemed to know more than the police are revealing stating, "It was a chase for a stolen car. Police car blocked road and car rammed into it. Police car and stolen car are right offs. Hope it was not stolen from Rototuna."

One summed the incident up, posting "Bloody idiots".Another resident said she must have seen the vehicle after it was spiked as they saw it driving "on their rims all the way down hukanui. pretty crazy they had to have sirens from 3 police cars going at once for all that time waking everyone up."

Many were unimpressed at the police sirens.

"I don't think sirens were necessary. It's not like the perps were unaware they were being chased by the cops.

Rip my sleep haha. #nana"