A dog that attacked and killed four of the six chickens belonging to Waikawa Beach resident Adrienne Powell, came back to finish the job.

Three weeks after the first attack, the dog returned last weekend and killed the remaining chickens.

Mrs Powell had no idea her anguish was to continue as she did everything she could in the meantime to ensure her remaining two pets would be kept safe. It was early on Sunday morning after Mrs Powell fed her chickens, making sure the door to the chicken run was secured, that the dog returned.

"My husband John went out an hour later to feed the wild birds and he saw a dog in our chicken coop. He ran inside to call the dog pound but when he came out the dog was gone and with him our last two hens."


The dog control officer later found the dog and took it to the pound.

"The first time it happened the dog owners were fined, but this time the dog control officer told me the dog won't get out of the pound.

"Even though I am angry and cried all day on Sunday I still can't help but feel sorry for the dog and its owners. He is a loved family pet they have had for a very long time. He has hip problems and cancer and doesn't have long to live."

Horowhenua District Council's customer experience lead Vai Miller said that at the time of the first call from the Powells a few weeks ago, an Animal Control Officer was in the area.

"The officer found a dog wandering with a dead chicken in its mouth. There was not enough evidence that that dog had killed the chicken, as nothing was actually witnessed by anyone, and therefore there were no reasonable grounds to seize the dog," said Mrs Miller.

The dog was instead classified dangerous and a $300 infringement issued to the owner for breaching the classification conditions under Council's Dog Control Bylaw 2015.

Mrs Miller said last Sunday, when Animal Control was again called to the Powell's property, the officer was told the dog had escaped from the chicken coup.

"The officer located the alleged offending dog at the owner's property, however the owner stated the dog had not left their property.


The officer seized and impounded the dog, and an investigation process is now underway to determine if any further action is to be taken against the dog and/or the owners," said Mrs Miller.