A 54-year-old woman has been attacked from behind, dragged and had cash taken from her bag during an early morning walk to a Whangarei supermarket.

Police said the woman was taken to Whangarei Hospital after suffering grazing and bruising during the aggravated robbery between 6am and 7am on Saturday near Rust Ave.

It is the second assault in a month in the area. Glenn Houlahan, 70, was walking to work at 3.45am when he was attacked by two men on Rust Ave.

Two men now face a charge of aggravated robbery as a result but police do not think the attacks are linked.


Detective Renee O'Connell said the woman attacked on Saturday was in the car park between the YMCA and the Rust Ave medical centre.

She was pulled to the ground as a man tried to take her handbag, then dragged along the ground and kicked in the head.

She believes she may have been knocked unconscious. Cash was taken from her bag. She rang police from her cellphone.

Mrs O'Connell said police were getting CCTV footage from nearby businesses and officers had spoken to a few people who were in the area at the time.

Anyone with information can call Renee O'Connell at Whangarei Station on 09 430 4500.