A scam email purporting to be from New Zealand Post is still plaguing people's inboxes a week after it originated, says the company.

NZ Post is warning customers to be vigilant when opening emails and not to click on any links if it seems dodgy.

The hoax email claims to be from New Zealand Post and says a delivery man didn't deliver a package as no one was home.

The email is being sent from a variety of email addresses and uses a number of subject lines, including "you have to update your shipping address" and "a delivery man wasn't able to bring the parcel".


NZ Post spokesman Peter Fletcher said people can tell it is a hoax email because it doesn't come from a NZ Post email address and has poor wording in the message.

"Our advice to customers who receive this email is to delete it.

"It is very important that they don't click on the link in the email as it contains ransomware which can corrupt files on the customer's device.

"This email is a concern to us and we want our customers to be aware of it."

NZ Post's security team is trying to stop the emails and get the associated websites taken down.