Auckland Council says 25 names were left off its candidate list for the upcoming local elections due to an "administrative oversight".

The council last night said 447 candidates had put themselves forward, including 17 mayoral candidates.

But electoral officer Dale Ofsoske today revealed 25 nominations received at the council's Henderson service centre were missed off the list.

The council said as of 1pm today, there were 467 nominations in total, including 18 mayoral candidates.


Ofsoske said the error was an "administrative oversight".

"The Electoral Office has investigated. Apologies will be made to the candidates who were not on the original list," he said.

"The 25 candidates at the centre of our concerns were not in our system. We undertook a search and did discover a file of 25 nominations that had been hand delivered yesterday afternoon.

"It appears they had not been scanned through to us earlier for processing."

Voting documents will be delivered to Auckland's 1,050,000 eligible voters from September 16.

The postal ballot closes at noon on October 8, with the results to be declared on October 13.

The full list of nominees