An Auckland District Court judge has lost a legal battle with his ex-wife over the division of their assets - and failed in his bid to keep the fight secret.

Robert Graeme Ronayne and Cameron Anne Coombes were married for almost 25 years and had two children together in the early 1990s before separating in 2009.

Ronayne, who practised law in Rotorua and then rose to prominence as a Crown prosecutor in Tauranga, was appointed a District Court judge in 2013.

Ronayne has presided over several headline-making cases, including that of Blues player George Moala who was found guilty of assault, a principal and her husband who plead guilty to siphoning more than $30,000 from a South Auckland school, and an Auckland professional who exposed himself to a jogger.


When the couple's marriage ended, they agreed to share their property equally but argued over how this should be done.

Part of the argument at a June hearing centred around Coombes' decision to leave paid work and Ronayne's lawyer said she'd "chosen to live a life of leisure". But Coombes had earlier argued that although she wanted to pursue further qualifications, she "owed it" to her children to be available for them.