A woman fell two storeys when she leaned on a glass balustrade which smashed as she was chatting to friends at a central Auckland gathering last night.

The woman, in her 30s, was taken to Auckland Hospital in a serious condition, St John shift supervisor Patsy Carlyle said.

The incident occurred at the Quest apartments on Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby, about 6.30pm.

A man who attended the gathering of five or so friends said the woman had been outside having a cigarette when she briefly leaned against the glass.


"We just heard the glass completely shatter and we went out and I saw her on the ground and, like, I thought 'this is bad'. We just gapped it down stairs and got to her and she was unresponsive at first but when we touched her she came awake.

"She started moving so she hasn't broken her back."

Another woman who was at the apartment said she was in "complete shock".

"It was terrible but she's alive - she's got broken limbs but she's alive."

The misted glass balustrade, which was completely shattered, was about 2-3m above a rocky garden below.

It was inspected and photographed by attending police officers.

Police spokesman Nic Barkley said police had been asked to assist ambulance staff at the scene. He was not aware whether police would notify any other organisation in relation to the incident.

Police have confirmed the investigation has now been handed over to WorkSafe NZ.

Photo / Steven McNicholl
Photo / Steven McNicholl