It's a competition for the good, the bad and the ugliest bus stops around the country.

The Public Transport Users Association is launching a campaign to seek the best and the worst in the country as part of what it has termed a "crowd-sourced infrastructure audit".

It kicks off this afternoon at the bus stop on Victoria St, in Auckland, outside SkyCity, at 4pm.

Association chair Christine Rose said as the "final frontier" in a bus commuter's journey the stops could be a deciding factor in people's decision to use public transport.


She said the campaign would "celebrate bus stops that actually provide shelter, amenity, good passenger information and safe access to buses".

"Everyone waiting for a bus in winter wants respite from the wind and rain and enough information so you know when your bus will come or if you've missed it.

"We all want safe, joined-up pedestrian access to our buses and even rubbish bins and artwork."

Rose invited users to share their best and worst stops at the campaign Facebook page:!/fixourstop/

Those who send in the overall best and worst bus stop photo will win a $100 supermarket voucher.