Mimicking the hair is harder - but help is at hand for those keen on another Peter Dunne trademark.

The United Future leader has tweeted a link to a tutorial video on YouTube, in which he provides step-by-step instructions on how to put on a bow tie.

"There are still a few people around who get fascinated by my hair," Dunne said while sitting in his office.

"But many more people these days seem to want to talk to me about my bow tie, and they wonder, 'how do you tie a bow tie', so I thought I'd give you a simple tutorial."


Dunne put the video up a couple years ago, but directed his social media followers to it after a visit to Mahurangi College today with other MPs.

"[NZ First MP] Tracey Martin made some comment about bow ties, and said, 'you must get show me how to tie one', and I said, 'I can go one step better than that, I have a wee video on it which you can have a look at'."

It's not the first time Dunne has recorded a video to answer questions about his appearance - in 2011 he posted one in which he said criticism that his fine head of hair looks like a dead possum comes from jealous bald journalists.

In the video Dunne, defended his grey locks and vowed the only product that goes on them is a comb and a brush.

"What's this thing about my hair? I'm getting fed up with being described as having a dead possum on top, all sorts of other things like that from people who think it's untidy, it's too grey, it's too coiffeured."

And in 2011 Dunne "planked" on the Back Benches television programme. Spurred on by the audience chanting his name, he clambered onto a table to assume a prone position.