Wellington's mayoralty race is hotting up amid allegations of toxicity and hanging around too long.

Eight people have put their hands up for the capital city's mayoralty chains and the electioneering has already begun.

Nick Leggett, the mayor of Porirua, is now vying for the top spot around his southern neighbour's council table and has come out swinging with a range of radical ideas.

He also labelled the present council culture as "toxic".


If elected, he would introduced annual rotations for council committee chairmen and women and, in an idea straight from America, will step down after two terms.

"Being on council shouldn't be a job for life, and, if elected, I see no reason I can't make my contribution in full measure in six years," Leggett said.

"I've never seen local government as a lifetime sinecure."

Leggett was elected Porirua mayor in 2010, having first won a seat on the council in 1998, aged 19.

Others standing for mayor include incumbent Celia Wade-Brown, deputy Justin Lester, and councillors Nicola Young, Jo Coughlan, Andy Foster and Helene Ritchie.

From outside the tent, Keith Johnson is pitching himself for the top job also.