Smashed car windows on a Mt Albert street are all that's left in the aftermath of the early morning fight that ended with a man being shot with a nail gun.

Neighbours have reported being woken up by shouting and the sound of breaking glass and seeing at least three men fighting on the street.

One man was seen hitting an older man, who had the nail gun, and a parked car with a plank of wood - though no-one the Herald spoke to saw the moment a man was shot.

Police say one man has been arrested in relation to the shooting, and the injured man, has since been discharged from hospital with moderate injuries.


He suffered minor abrasions to his back and knuckle.

When the Herald visited the scene on Hendon Ave there was a small police presence on the street.

Outside the house, believed to be at the centre of the investigation is a blue BMW sedan with smashed windows and a dirty cloth covering it.

Its occupants refused to comment on the events of the early morning altercation that unfolded around three.

Across the road sat a black Paradise Indian Restaurant car, that also had its front and side windows smashed.

A young girl, walking with her grandmother along the road, told the Herald they were woken early in the morning by an "old man".

She said the man came inside and told them a group had been drinking, then someone got a plank of wood and was smacking him.

"The old man asked us to call police," she said. "I heard this man telling someone to shoot."

She thought there might have been two younger men fighting outside.

However, she said she didn't see anything because they'd waited inside their house until police came and took the older man away.

One of the neighbours said it wasn't the first time they'd heard the sounds of fighting coming from the house - but he said it was the first time the ruckus had been brought onto the streets.

The man, who lived with his wife and son on a nearby property, said he was woken up by the noise about 3:30 this morning.

He saw three men and two or three women, of Pacific Island or Maori descent on the streets shouting.

"One older man had a nail gun," he said. "The young man was beating the old man with a stick.

"Then they hit my car with a stick."

It was at that point he called police.

He said his family didn't get much sleep after the fighting broke out and probably only managed to go to sleep again around 6:30am.

His wife said the people fighting sounded drunk.

She said it was pretty scary, but she was relieved her family was safe.