A motorist on the way to a funeral has been caught doing nearly 160km/h on a Waikato highway.

Police said the driver's licence was instantly cancelled for 28 days and the driver was given a court summons after officers clocked the car travelling at 156km/h on State Highway 3 south of Te Kuiti today.

They said the driver was heading to a funeral.

Angry road police said the motorist had ignored wintry conditions and put everyone on the road at risk.


"The driver of this vehicle was travelling at 156km on a wet and cold SH3 just south of Te Kuiti, was definitely not driving to the winter conditions, and has put you, your friends, and families at risk on our roads.

"This will absolutely not be tolerated, and as such the driver was issued with an instant 28-day licence suspension on the spot and issued with a summons to appear in court."

The police social media post included a series of hashtags directed at the driver including #‎nomoredrivesies‬ ‪#‎drivetotheconditions‬ ‪#‎roadpolicing‬ ‪#‎highwaypatrol‬ and ‪#‎grrr‬.