Tired parents lining up to order popular baby-calming toy.

Every parent knows the battle of bedtime. Now, sleep-deprived Kiwi mums and dads are lining up to get their hands on a doll which emits noises similar to Darth Vader's breathing and is said to work wonders on tired tots.

The $110 Lulla Doll sold out quickly when it was first imported into New Zealand last year, and 1200 people have ordered one.

It's the latest in a line of products designed to soothe fussing babies, including the Baby Shusher, an American product - which can also be downloaded as an app - which has also been a top-seller in New Zealand since first hitting our markets three years ago.

Eight hours of rhythmic heartbeat and breathing sounds play from the cuddly "unisex, unirace" Lulla Doll, designed to mimic the naturally comforting sounds parents make while resting.


The recordings are the sound of a yoga guru while in a deep meditative state, Sleepytot co-owner Fiona Boodee said.

"Some ... might describe it as Darth Vader - that is exactly what it sounds like, but children love it," she said.

The doll also absorbs smell, so parents can wear it before giving it to their baby for the night.

After selling out of her first shipment of 1000 Lulla Dolls from Iceland in a matter of months last year, Boodee was this week sending out nearly 1200 pre-orders around the country, and had already put in orders for several thousand more.

The Baby Shusher - a device which plays shushing noises - was a popular baby shower gift, Boodee said, and sold in more than 100 stores around the country.