Police are disappointed by the high number of motorists caught driving while talking on their cellphones during a major road safety operation in Auckland, which ended late last night.

The prevention and enforcement operation - which targeted dangerous driving - issued 308 motorists with infringement notices for offences including talking on cellphones while driving, speeding, not wearing restraints, drink driving and running red lights.

Auckland city district road policing manager Senior Sergeant Matt Knowsley said a large percentage of those motorists were caught using their cellphones while driving.

"It's a major distraction behind the wheel and nothing on your phone is so important that it's worth risking yours, or someone else's life, on the road."


He said while most people drove safely in Auckland city yesterday, some continued to ignore the risks.

Twelve notices were handed out for not wearing seat belts which included children not being in correct car seats.

Knowsley said 55 people were caught speeding - one of whose car was impounded for driving at an excessive speed.

"Operations like these aren't just about enforcement; it's also about having the conversation that dangerous driving just isn't worth the risk," he said

More than 100 Police were involved in yesterday's operation, which ran from 7am to 9pm.