A Mt Roskill woman has taken to community website Neighbourly in a desperate bid to find her daughter's signet ring, which was tied to a "Happy Birthday" helium balloon's string and floated away.

Sarah de Pont said her daughter Jackie, 16, and her friends thought it "would be fun" to tie the gold signet ring to the helium balloon at her party last night, and see it floating around inside.

The four girls then forgot about it and went out for dinner. When they returned they went outside to have a spa, but left the door open.

"The next thing I hear are the girls screaming, but I didn't go down and see what's wrong because they are 16, they can't be drowning," said Mrs de Pont.


But her daughter was in tears because her beloved signet ring had flown away.

"She was devastated. It really put a dampener on the evening," Mrs de Pont said.

The signet ring had sentimental value to Jackie who got the ring as a Christmas present.

Mrs de Pont received a signet ring for her own 15th birthday, so wanted to do something special for her daughter and niece. She had old gold jewellery melted down into the same style as hers, and got their initials engraved onto it.

The balloon started its journey from halfway up John Davis Rd, Mt Roskill, so Mrs de Pont is asking people in the area to keep a lookout in trees, backyards or surrounding parks for a presumably deflated balloon.

Anyone who spots the runaway balloon and ring can contact Mrs de Pont on (027) 343 7520.

Mrs de Pont said she is also willing to pay a reward to the person who finds the ring.