The mother of a 14-year-old Waikato student who received a concussion and a cut to the base of his scalp in a serious schoolyard bullying incident worried he wouldn't be "normal" again.

Te Kauwhata College student Krishnan Naidu told Newshub he was circled by several students on June 10.

"All I remember is getting my head stuck in a jacket and they just started slapping me at the back of my head".

He spent six days in hospital recovering from the incident.


His mother, Karishma Naidu, told Newshub: "When I saw him, the way he was, I was scared: is he going to come out normal?"

His grandfather, Jim Allison, was first to arrive at the school after the incident.

"[Krishnan] didn't know me for a start. He didn't know where he was, he was very disoriented," he told Newshub.

Te Kauwhata College principal Deborah Hohneck said it had been a game between friends which went too far.

"Some boys were slapping Krishnan around, he was laughing and joining in with the game initially but it was obviously more painful than the boys realised and it got worse," she told Newshub.

Ms Hohneck said the school took bullying seriously, and the pupils involved had been stood down for two days. They would also receive counselling.