A helpful policeman's "disco lights" helped escort a heavily pregnant mother to hospital today.

A Waikato policeman was patrolling State Highway 3 south of Te Awamutu today when he "encountered a gentleman modestly exceeding the speed limit".

"Disco lights go on of course, stop him to have a chat," says a post on the Waikato Road Policing Team Facebook page.

"It was immediately apparent that the sounds coming from his lovely wife in the passenger seat combined with a large tummy that this was not going to be anything near routine ... yep, wifey was in labour ... crap ... What to do?"


"Follow me sir," the policeman said.

He then turned on "the dial", clicked on the siren and the pair went straight to hospital.

"Not long later one very appreciative couple delivered safe and sound to hospital."

The post begins by saying: "We don't condone speed, however here is what happened today."