Police are looking for witnesses to a hit and run in Auckland that left a teenage boy with a leg injury.

The boy was hit at about 9pm on Thursday, May 26, when a southbound vehicle ran a red light on Great North Rd and struck the 14-year-old pedestrian who was heading east across the intersection at the time.

The teen, who had just walked out of Heron Park with a friend, was thrown up on to the bonnet, before hitting the road.

Police described the offending driver as a bald, brown-skinned man, who exited and checked out his vehicle, and then left the scene without ascertaining the boy's welfare or injuries.


The offending vehicle was described as a black Range Rover, SUV, or similar, with silver strips.

It had a rear window spoiler, large silver mag wheels with low profile tyres and round-style headlamps which were not on at the time.

Information was sought to assist police identify the offending driver and vehicle, which would have noticeable frontal damage.

Police were also looking for witnesses, including one person who spoke to the victim from his vehicle at Blockhouse Bay Rd lights but left without giving their contact details.

People who could help were asked to contact Sergeant Sue Newlands, of Balmoral Police, at snh623@police.govt.nz.