Nature lovers heading into the bush are being urged let someone know where they're going following a major search and rescue operation north of Wellington.

Canadian man Timo Aason, 48, was found safe and well yesterday in Upper Hutt after setting out for a day walk in the Southern Wairarapa six days ago.

A large scale search and rescue operation was launched last week after his car was discovered near the Rimutaka Incline track on Monday.

Mr Aason was oblivious to the search and had been staying with a friend in Upper Hutt after car trouble prevented him returning to his vehicle.


The Mountain Safety Council is now urging bush-goers to let someone know where they are going when heading into the outdoors.

Chief executive Mike Daisley told Newshub it was as easy as sending a text to friends and family.

"Text them when you're leaving the track, basically where you're going to be going and when you expect to be out, and text them again, or call them, to share with them your adventure and tell them you're okay."

Mr Daisley said outdoors enthusiasts should let someone know they were safe before embarking on their next adventure.

"They're well and truly safe and completed the track and they're off happily visiting their friends or off on their next adventure and they haven't told anyone and panic ensues."