A long-running dispute over a diamond engagement ring now includes bankruptcy threats for a former finance boss whose ex-fiancee is demanding he pay her more than $80,000.

Former Allied Finance chief executive Rob Alloway has been fighting with his ex-partner Jane Bond over disputed property since they broke up several years ago. The couple were engaged for less than two months after they first became an item in September 2009, according to court documents.

On Thursday, Ms Bond placed a public notice in the Herald demanding Mr Alloway pay her $80,570 by June 16 or face bankruptcy.

She and her former partner have been squabbling in courts over various costs and pieces of property for more than three years since ending their relationship in early 2013.


They have two young children together.

Ms Bond told Fairfax the notice was placed as a last resort to cover legal costs incurred after Mr Alloway took a civil claim against her in April 2013, demanding she pay him back for the 2.31-carat diamond engagement ring he gave her in 2009.

After the pair split Ms Bond sold the ring, which Mr Alloway said was worth about $45,000.

Using the Domestic Actions Act in the High Court, Mr Alloway also sought to claim the return of a Rolex watch, jewellery, an iPhone, and $55,000 worth of furniture he said were removed from the house when the couple split up.

Ms Bond attempted to have Mr Alloway's claim struck out, but Justice Edwin Wylie declined her application in March last year.