A convicted child sex offender sent to prison for breaching his extended supervision order for an eleventh time has been told by a judge that he needs be much more careful.

Allen Malsen drove a van full of food parcels for the charity 0800 Hungry at the start of January.

That breached the supervision order he is under following convictions of 22-crimes against children in 2000.

The order limits his association with children, workplaces and vocational training.


At Christchurch District Court today, Judge Bernadette Farnan sentenced Malsen to nine months in prison.

But the time he's already served in custody waiting to be sentenced means he only has six months left and will soon be eligible for early release.

Judge Farnan told Malsen, and those in court supporting him that the need to work extra to make sure all his activities comply with his supervision order.

The order itself is set to expire in mid-2019.