Wellington's Zoo's newest giraffe literally leapt into her new enclosure this morning.

A video shows the 1-year-old Auckland Zoo-born calf Zuri jump out of the custom-made box in which she was transported by road to Wellington yesterday, and do a small skid, before coming to a halt at her new home.

She has settled in nicely, with Wellington Zoo's mother-daughter duo Tisa and Zahara very intrigued to see her.

According to Wellington Zoo, the introductions between the three girls will be taken slowly over the next few days as Zuri settles in to her new environment.


And as this photo shows, she's a lot smaller than her new friends:

Yesterday, she was driven to Wellington on the back of a truck, with some zoo staff following with a car full of green treats for hourly snack breaks.

The journey had to take a few detours to avoid low bridges, and there were plenty of Kiwis out on the streets to watch the young giraffe pass through towns and cities on the way south - including Hamilton, Taupo, Tokoroa, Waiouru and Levin.

An Auckland Zoo giraffe was loaded up this morning ready to move to Wellington, a 12-hour journey down the North Island.