Every house in Masterton would have been burgled in the past 10 months if the national increase was confined to one town, the latest crime figures show.

The number of burglaries in New Zealand from July to April increased by 10,301 from the same period last year, according to Statistics New Zealand data released today.

Although the increase was only 3.2 per cent, comparing the numbers to the estimated 10,000 households in Masterton puts the figures into perspective.

Police Minister Judith Collins said drops in burglaries in the Auckland City and Wellington police districts showed commitments to solving burglaries were working.


The other 10 districts recorded increases.

In March, Auckland City police launched Operation Resolve as the direct result of the Herald's Hitting Home coverage, which revealed more than 90 per cent of burglaries, or 164 a day, were going unsolved in New Zealand.

It was the first time resolution rates have been in single figures. Only 6.2 per cent of burglaries were solved in Auckland.

"One pleasing result in the latest figures is a 12.8 per cent fall in the burglary rate for Auckland City," Ms Collins said.

"Since February, Police have focused on doing more to prioritise prevention and investigation of burglaries."

A team of 18 have been working on Operation Resolve, which has led to 71 arrests, 32 new burglary charges and 24 receiving property charges laid.

Mrs Collins was yet to respond to questions about the resolution rate for burglaries in the same 10-month period.

A new recording system was introduced for burglaries on July 1, 2014 making comparisons to previous years irrelevant.