A Wanganui Cancer Society volunteer has shocked the organisation by offering up his beloved classic car for auction in a bid to raise funds for them.

The 1963 Humber 90 is described on the TradeMe auction as being "beautifully restored back to its former glory" which includes a full recondition of its 1532cc motor and gear box, installation of a new exhaust, rust removal, new paint, tyres, brakes, carpets and dash panel.

All of the proceeds will go directly to the Wanganui Cancer Society, a gesture humbling those who work at the organisation.

"The person who brought this car back to life is a volunteer at the Wanganui Cancer Society," the society wrote on its TradeMe auction page.


"He gave us the shock of our lives when he told us that he wanted to donate it to us to auction off and raise money to help people in our community. We cannot express our thanks enough, so we hope this auction does our volunteer proud."

Wanganui Vintage Car Club member and Humber owner Neil Farrer says whoever owns the car has spent thousands of dollars doing it up.

"The man has spent a fortune on that car, absolutely. I mean reconditioning your engine alone is somewhere between $5000 and $8000. You start on the gearbox you're usually talking about $3000 or $4000. A coat of paint is a minimum of $5000, and that's without looking inside ... so that's a wonderful gift, it really is."

Mr Farrer, who himself owns six Humbers, says given the car is all restored the street price of the car would be up to $12,000, however it could reach as high as $25,000 on auction night.

He says although there's still quite a few Humbers around not a lot have survived in good order.

"You wouldn't classify them as rare because they were a common car in their day. The Humber 90 morphed into a Hillman Hunter and then went on to production until around 1975, as a round figure, and then we had Chrysler take over and they all became rebadged as Chryslers of various names. The Humber 90 was basically a five seater family car."

The car will be displayed in the showroom of Ignition Motors at 1 Purnell St, Whanganui from tomorrow until Friday, June 3.

On the closing night of the auction - June 9 - the cancer society will open its doors to the public to watch the "hopefully exhilarating" closing of the auction on a projector screen.

• For further information and to place a bid visit the auction here