I talked to someone today who spent 25 minutes in a car park looking for somewhere to park - this goes on his parking bill. I was lucky although a car tried to cut me off illegally. Can't we have some system where you pay from when you park.

- Richard



Glen Eden station, 2.50pm Tuesday. I was standing in the wind and rain waiting for the warning bells to stop, when a young woman carrying a young child ran across the lines seemingly oblivious to the train approaching from the opposite direction. Those of us waiting looked on, frozen in horror. If it hadn't been for the Britomart-bound train driver's instant reaction, two lives would have been lost quite unnecessarily.

- Linda


While shopping at the Baby Factory my granddaughter said "baby gone". Her little stroller and doll were taken. There is no way to describe stealing something loved from a 20-month-old child. Staff were as helpful as could be expected in the circumstances.

- Joan


Although this occurred some months ago, it will hold a salutary lesson for travelling New Zealanders. A three-week Australian holiday was booked, and paid in full, when my travelling companion came down with a serious chest infection and was advised not to fly by his GP. So the trip was cancelled. Fortunately we had full travel insurance from a company known as Cover-More Travel Insurance. When we made the claim, they acted with the highest professionalism. Just over two weeks later, the full refund came through. A shining example of how a company should conduct business.

- Ted

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