What plans are there for the Auckland Pop-Up Globe now the highly popular season to mark 400 years since William Shakespeare's death has ended? Will the theatre be taken down? Also, what was the final audience count for the season? Michael Short, Auckland.

The theatre is being dismantled. The component parts will be stored in Auckland ready for re-use. Over 90,000 attendances were recorded at Pop-up Globe, including around 20,000 school students. More than 500 volunteer ushers supported the work of nine companies as they presented 10 different shows, with more than 288 performers on stage through the season.

Recently there have been lane changes at the Te Atatu interchange city-bound onramp which mean the inside lanes get clogged up, with the outside lanes still moving. This makes it difficult and dangerous to move across to the flowing outside lanes. Will these changes be permanent? Mark Gasparich, Te Atatu.

The temporary changes are a result of work nearing completion on the Te Atatu project which is creating four motorway lanes. There are now three lanes open between the Lincoln Rd and Te Atatu Rd Interchanges. However the Causeway project is not at the same phase of completion and the lane drops off again just past Te Atatu. Within the next few months the final four-lane set-up will be in place.


In Bellwood Ave in Mt Eden, an in-ground sensor is set into the road in the very middle of each diagonal parking space. Could you please explain what it is and how it works? Frank Lee, Mt Eden

It's called, delightfully, frogparking.

Thirty-six solar-powered parking sensors developed by Palmerston North company Frogparking have been installed in angled parking spaces just off Dominion Rd. The sensors detect when a car has parked over top of them. When the vehicle leaves, the sensor sends this information wirelessly to a digital sign on the main thoroughfare. Drivers can tell by looking at the sign on Dominion Rd (on the lamppost outside the BNZ) how many spaces are available. The sensors are being trialled on Bellwood Ave as part of the proposed Dominion Rd upgrade.

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