A man has been shot in the face and leg by shotgun pellets while camping near Opotiki and police say it's likely a hunter is responsible.

The man was camping in the Waiotahe Valley area, south of Opotiki, when he was injured at 11.45pm last night.

Police said this morning that the man was receiving medical treatment for his injuries but was not in a serious condition.

They believe there were hunters in the area where the incident occurred.


Officers at the scene are investigating the circumstances of the shooting.

No further information could be released at this stage.

In 2010 a young woman as killed in similar circumstances, when a hunter mistook her for a deer.

Rosemary Ives was on a camping holiday with her boyfriend in a remote area of bush near Turangi.

She was shot in the head and killed while brushing her teeth by Andrew Mears.
Mears who was "spotlighting" with a group of friends, mistook Ms Ives' head-lamp for deers eyes

He was jailed for manslaughter and released after serving 11 months of his two-and-a-half year sentence.

Her partner and others spent a desperate 90 minutes trying to keep her alive.
Following Ms Ives death a coroner called for urgent law changes and more education for hunters.