The run of autumn's high temperatures keeps going - even with stormy weather approaching the country.

Napier is set to enjoy a stunning 24C day - just a few degrees shy of England which is enjoying an exceptional spring "heatwave" with temperatures reaching 27C across the country.

But MetService duty forecaster Arno Dyason said, for those in the North Island, this was probably going to be the best day before the weather started to pack up.

Mr Dyason said most of the island was in for a fine day with temperatures expected to hover around a balmy 20C.


The exceptions were in Northland where patchy rain would fall throughout the day.

Auckland could expect a sunny 22C while Wellington was a slightly cooler 18C.

But it was a different story for the South Island which would start to feel the effects of the stormy weather.

Rain was expected to fall on the west and south of the island with cloud on the eastern side that would turn to drizzle as the day wore on.

Christchurch could expect 19C, with grey skies overhead for much of the day, and Dunedin a wet 16C.