The fathers of "tripling" babies who begged for help after running into financial trouble during their surrogate births in Mexico have returned to New Zealand.

David and Nicky Beard went public with their plea in March after son Lachlan was born prematurely and needed extra care, landing them in $120,000 of debt and "stranded" in what they called a "third-world country".

"We have spent every cent we have left to bring these 3 beautiful Kiwi babies into the world.

"We now need to get ourselves and the 3 babies out of this dangerous country and back to the safety of New Zealand," one of the fathers wrote in an online plea.


They said the clinic they went to was infested with cockroaches, and in one interview pleaded with a reporter to "get us out of this hell hole!".

The pair said the triplings were the first of their kind, using separate surrogate mothers but the same sperm and egg donors. David was the sperm donor in this case. One surrogate mother gave birth to twins while another carried the third child.

A family friend set up a for the family, raising almost $30,000. The page said the pair intended to use the money to pay bills and obtain passports for the babies to come home.

A source confirmed the pair had arrived back in Auckland and the babies were well.

The couple did not wish to speak with media as they had signed an exclusive deal.