Three people were arrested last night after two men attacked a police car with a metal pipe and kicked it as an officer sat inside.

The incident occurred shortly after 9.20pm when police received a call from a member of the public who reported a metal pipe had been allegedly thrown at his vehicle.

The man was traveling on Boundary Road in Hamilton when the object was thrown caused superficial damage to his vehicle.

A lone police sergeant was first at the scene and confronted one of the alleged offenders.


Senior sergeant Peter van de Wetering of the Waikato police said the officer recognised a young female perpetrator and arrested her.

He placed the woman in the car and had gotten into the driver's seat when the attack occurred.

"Two men behaved in a threatening manner and took to kicking his car and also striking it a couple of times with a metal pipe."

The officer remained in his car and called for backup, Mr van de Wetering said.

"Several units responded very quickly and as a result, the two men who tried to run away essentially didn't get very far."

Mr van de Wetering said the officer had done the right thing by remaining in his car and calling for assistance immediately.

He said no one was injured and the car had only received superficial damage.

All three alleged offenders were arrested and have been charged. It is unknown when they will appear before the court.

Mr van de Wetering said they had been charged with disorderly behaviour and would potentially face some charges of wilful damage to both the police car and the member of the public's car.

"It is what it is. The three people that have been arrested will now appear before the court facing charges of damaging property, not of assaulting people."