Dunedin parking officers will trial wearing a video camera from today in an effort to improve their safety.

The Dunedin City Council has a camera unit on loan. It attaches to a parking officer's uniform and would be worn by different staff for the next two weeks.

The council's group manager customer and regulatory services, Adrian Blair, said the key reason for the camera was safety.

"Our parking officers do a great job of dealing with the public in sometimes difficult circumstances, Mr Blair said today.


"We don't have many situations where people become abusive, but the camera should act as a deterrent in those few cases."

Other councils in New Zealand were also using the technology and have reported it was working well, with lower levels of abuse.

"We think it will be helpful for our staff and members of the public to know any interactions are being recorded," Mr Blair said.

A screen on the front of the device shows what is being recorded.

Once the trial was over, the results would be evaluated and a decision made whether to use cameras on a permanent basis.

DCC parking officers were keen to take part, Mr Blair said.