Alex Fisher's older brother and accused killer has appeared in court today.

Eric Baden McIsaac, 26, was in the High Court at Wellington for a hearing, the details of which were suppressed by Justice Graham Lang.

The hearing took less than an hour.

McIsaac sat in the dock between two security officers, while members of his family looked on from the public gallery behind.


Alex's body was found on Waitarere Beach, near Levin, on October 8 after his disappearance sparked a huge manhunt.

During the search, police released CCTV footage showing Alex and McIsaac together in a store on October 5

Court documents show McIsaac allegedly killed Alex either that night or the next day.

McIsaac is also charged with unlawful possession of a knife in a public place and burglary.

He is yet to enter pleas to any of those or a fourth charge, which is suppressed.

McIsaac remains in custody.