The shirtless man involved in a mass brawl in Auckland's CBD is a former competitive tickler.

Joshua Antonio Lepage, 22, admitted a charge of fighting in public after a cellphone video of the rumble went viral in March, and he was fined $300 this week for his involvement.

It has also been revealed that the former Cleo Bachelor of the Year contestant has featured in competitive tickling videos on YouTube, under the name "Tommy the Ticklish Kiwi".

The clips from 2015 show Lepage being restrained and tickled, and also tickling other men.


In a statement the fitness trainer said he doesn't regret his involvement in the videos.

"It was a classic bait and switch. I got told I was being flown to LA first-class for an endurance event and when I got there ... Well, it wasn't an endurance event.

"Sure, it's a little bit embarrassing looking back on it. But I figured -- hey, be tickled on camera for 15 minutes and have a house deposit or go spend my student life flipping burgers getting in debt. It wasn't a hard decision at the time."

Former MediaWorks journalist David Farrier's documentary Tickled delves into the world of competitive tickling, although Mr Lepage does not feature in the film.