An off the cuff rant about struggling to find a decent bra has resulted in Charde Heremaia becoming the owner of some sexy new lingerie.

The 20-year-old went shopping for a bra in Hastings K-Mart last week when she filmed her good-humoured rant about being unable to find a bra big enough to accommodate her FF bust.

All the bigger bras she found were either bland "granny bras" while bigger bras in boutique shops were too expensive.

She then uploaded the video to her comedy page on Facebook, Memoirs of a Maori, within hours it went viral.


To date the video has had 718,000 views and 22,000 likes.

While it generated a mixed response, most people sympathised with her.

Lingerie company, Rose and Thorn, who make bras for The Warehouse, was alerted to Miss Heremaia's video when their Facebook page started pinging with notifications.

Public were tagging the company in comments as a solution to Miss Heremaia's dilemma, which prompted them to approach her, Rose and Thorn marketing manager Mara Andrew said.

Touching down in Auckland yesterday , the 20-year-old was treated to free flights and a personal fitting with company owner Sue Dunmore and designer Kelley McNabb.

"The first thing they said to me was, "lets sort these boobs out"," Miss Heremaia said.

But she was surprised at the outcome of her fitting: "I went up a cup size."

"But it's good, cause now I know for when I go and buy bras."

Ms Andrew said Miss Heremaia's challenge was part of the reason why the company was started in the first place.

Rose and Thorn was founded four years ago to provide comfortable, stylish and affordable bras and Ms Andrew said when they did make bigger bras they made them "pretty".

The average price of a Rose and Thorn bra is about $25-$30, which makes them affordable.

The 20-year-old was given three free bras with matching underwear by the Rose and Thorn team yesterday to take home with her.